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  • Marcahuasi***
  • Rocky formation with animal forms that are in the region mountain range of Lima. This place is famous by "the image of the humanity", which is an immense rock that, from diverse angles, resembles a human profile. To its 4,008 m of height, closely together of the sky, opens to east a magic forest that urges the fantasy, frequented by people practicing esoterism and the phenomena ufos. It is said that along with Machu Picchu, this is one of the places of greater planetary energy.

    Marcahuasi extends throughout a plateau of 4 km2, his incredible formations are due to the process of erosion that have experienced these rocks throughout thousands of years.

    Crossing the beautiful landscape of the environs, we arrived at Huacracocha, a pre-Hispanic archaeological site that have old cemeteries and chullpas. We will discover a fantastic set of 12 lakes that conform the habitat of the emblematic vicunas, slippery vizcachas and the enigmatic cóndor.

    Ubicacion: 80 km from Lima to San Pedro de Casta - by bus - 3 h 45 min - 4 km from San Pedro de Casta to Marcahuasi - by foot - 3 h