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Ayacucho in short Ayacucho in short

localisation of Ayacucho in Peru

Ayacucho is a small town of colonial style with approximately 32.000 citizens, calm and quiet, with old streets full of charm where it is good to walk in order to accustom to the extremely quiet atmosphere.

It was the capital of the last pre-Inca Empire and a big colonial town. It is located in the middle of the driest area of Peru. It was founded in 1539 by Francisco Pizarro. Now it is famous because of her religious celebrations.

Very close to Ayacuho you will find "La Quinua", where the battle of Ayacucho took place in 1824. This battle finished with the Spanish domination.

Ayacucho was the cradle of the terrorist group "Sendero Luminoso"; today completely disappeared.

This is such a small town that you can go walking wherever you want. You will find many famous colonial houses while you are walking around the town.

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